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Dog Beach
Across from the Del Mar race track and fairgrounds, where the San Dieguito River runs into the ocean, you will find Dog Beach. This is a broad wedge of beach with lots of room for sand volleyball games, and of course, is a favorite local gathering place for dog enthusiasts and their furry companions. The swimming here isn't great, due to the shallow sandbars and unpredictable currents, but parts of it are often protected from high winds and the surf, so it is a perfect spot to introduce young children to the sea or help them build their first sand castle.

South of 15th Street
Here, bluffs line the beach, but they are neither as tall or as steep as elsewhere in North County. At all but the highest of tides, the beach is totally walkable all the way down to Torrey Pines, and it truly is a beautiful walk! You can walk, jog, or even bike for miles without having to encounter any cars or pass over a road. There are also good waves for surfing, and great sandy hang-out areas along this stretch of beach. It is less crowded than the area north of 15th St., and nice if you want to find some open space for yourself and your friends. 

North of 15th Street
Located from 15th Street north to the River Mouth, this is one of San Diego's finest beaches. It has safe swimming areas with lifeguard patrols, flat, easy beach access, and fun surf for beginners and expert surfers alike. Two coastal parks, Powerhouse and Seagrove are located right above the beach, and are ideal for picnics and family gatherings. There is also ample parking, both in private lots, and in metered spots along the street. This is definitely the most popular beach in Del Mar. Before you head down to the beach, sure to check out Del Mar Surf Rentals, a full-service beach rental and sales stand, where you can pick up everything you need for a fun day at the beach.

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